Did You Know The pH Of Your Mouth Could Be Causing your Cavities?
Stop Cavities With A Simple Test!
A mouth that is property balanced is protected against disease!
Testing and balancing the pH of your mouth is one way to reduce and prevent bacteria that cause dental disease. Bacteria feed off the foods we eat and drink, produce an acid that weakens the enamel and cause decay.

Incorporate testing into your oral health routine. The human body requires a properly balanced pH, close to the pH level of water, in order to survive and thrive!
What you are going to get in this course
  • pH test strips
  • ​What is pH
  • Why to Test
  • How to Test
  • ​When to test
  • What the results mean
  • ​A list of food that are acidic
  • A list of food that are alkaline
  • A Log to record & track results
  • ​A private FB support group
Who Should Register?
People who want to be part of the Healthy Mouth Movement to reduce and prevent cavities and disease !

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